Carry Your Phone Charger on Your Belt Loop ?

A mini phone charger that fits on your keychain, belt loop, backpack or gear bag is being offered to the world with a new crowdfunding campaign. At only 6 inches length, the Clip Cable Power Charger is a simple little charging 'cable' that transfers power and data as fast as a computer or battery pack. The handy little gadget syncs, charges your phones and other devices and includes 32 GB of Flash Memory data storage.

We've all lugged around battery bricks or tangled charge cables which are a hassle, and not really necessary" says Earl Brown, Clip Cable CEO and crowdfunding project leader. “A small, charging cable is all that's really needed, and the ultra portable Clip Cable is just the ticket. This small charger features a magnetic snapping closure so you can clip it onto your key ring and always have it with you for a top up or charge to keep you powered up and on the go.

The device not only charges from regular power sources, Android users can power up Apple and Android phones with their phone.

Only 6 inches long when extended, the Clip Cable folds up to 2.5 inches long when snapped together with a strong magnetic clasp.

A new crowdfunding campaign is launching soon in order to raise $10,000 for fund development and production. Perks and rewards for campaign backers include Clip Cables, Solar Chargers, a 3-tip magnetic charging cable, a ‘mystery gift’, a $5,000 ‘Benefactor’s’ package that includes a rental Ferrari, animated Thank You cards, and campaign updates by pretty girls.

The campaign will be seen at

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