Only 6” long, the Clip Cable is a new mini charging cable you carry on your key chain to charge your phone and other devices. It includes 32GB Flash Memory data storage!

We’re introducing this great new product to the world with a Crowdfunding campaign we’re launching soon. Leave your email address below and we’ll notify you right before launch day.

The Clip Cable Charge and Store works with all Apple and Micro USB devices and the newest Android devices. Super easy to use, just plug the USB into a power source, the other end into your device and start the charge! It transfers power and data as fast as your computer or battery pack.

It’s the world’s _only_ 5-in-1 sync, charge and store Power Cable with Flash memory. Give it to your customers and clients with your company products, website and information - they think of you every time they charge their phone or upload their data.


Campaign details:

- Launch date: June 15
- Campaign length: 36 days
- Funding Goal: $10,000 with Stretch Goals
- Delivery: Within 60 days of campaign end
- Perks & rewards: Clip Cables, Solar Chargers, 3-in-1 Magnetic Chargers, Free Mystery Gift
- Money back guarantee - absolutely


Press Releases:

1. Mini Keychain Charger Powers Smart Phones
2. Tiny Charger Does a Big Job
3. Carry Your Phone Charger on Your Belt Loop?
4. World’s Smallest Keyring Charger?


Clip Cable video - 1:14


The new Clip Cable Charge and Store™ Features:

• New, proprietary and exclusive
• 32 GB flash memory data storage
• Patent Pending
• 6” in length, 2.7” when folded
• Snaps onto your key chain, backpack etc.
• Includes type ‘C’ connectors
• Transfers power & data fast
• Tested and approved
• Strong, safe magnetic clasp
• Power transfer, sync and charge
• Dependable manufacturer
• Delivery assured
• Certificate: CE/ROHS/FCC
• No questions asked money-back guarantee
• Charges all Lightning, Micro USB & USBC devices
• Android users can charge devices and other phones with their phone
• Includes USB Type A and C, 2-in-1 Lightning / Micro USB and 32 GB Flash Memory Data Storage.

Imagine being able to carry 32GB of data, pictures, files and videos on your keyring! Give a Clip Cable Charge and Store to your customers and clients with your company products and information. They’ll think of you every time the charge their phone or upload their data. We’ve designed, refined, tested and produced the prototype - all we need is the minimum order for our manufacturer to start production.

Our Perk Rewards: We've got some great rewards to thank you for helping us develop the fabulous new Clip Cable. We appreciate your interest in perhaps joining us to develop the best little charging accessory in the world . . . at the best early bird pricing!

The Clip Cable Perks. Click thumbnail for larger graphic

Clip Cable

Magnetic Charger

Solar Charger


Bev Hills Hotel

Ritz Carlton


Mystery Gift


The Clip Cable Girls: The campaign has 7 different perk-reward levels, each one introduced by a beautiful girl. Click on thumbnails to see videos.

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Clip Cable Team:

Earl Brown - Clip Cable Project Leader
Crowdfunding Specialist, Internet development professional and counselor to successful web-based firms such as Samsung Electronics, Big Dog Sportswear, Sears Point Raceway, Tradeshows Online, etc.

Richard Slade - Director of Marketing
Specialties are Integrated Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, E-Commerce, Social Media Creation and Optimization

Steve Bonser - Veteran journalist, Public relations consultant
Seasoned Internet developer & Public Relations guru. Consultant for first-to-market technology vendors such as, ICL-Fujitsu and AdECN/Microsoft.

Engineering Coordination
Engineering dedicated to innovative mobile phone accessories, phone travel chargers, smartphone data storage, audio output cables etc.


John London
Media Manager
Phone: 424-253-4388

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